Crossroads Church is invested in Discipleship
God entrusts us to use our resources, time, talent and treasure so people may know and follow Jesus.

If you'd like to make a facility request for our building/grounds for an event or ministry, please fill out Facility Request Form.

If you'd like to request material support for an individual please fill our the Individual Sponsorship Request Form.

Facility Request Form Individual Sponsorship Request Form
Felt Needs for Serving within the Church
Fall-Winter 2023-2024 highlighted areas...
  • Outreach Team (events & efforts for outreach)
    • Individuals who have passion & desire to share Christ's love with their community through special events, emergency response efforts and on-going community participation. Looking for those willing to commit to planning, promoting & executing 4 events a year, occasional team meetings, and ongoing emergency response needs as they arise. Try it through May of 2024 (or longer)!
  • Audio/Visual (Sun. morning slides & sound)
    • People with an ear for music, some tech skills & able to problem solve on the fly. Video - some technical skills are a plus, but anyone with basic computer skills & a good attention span are welcome. 
      Commitment: 1-2 Sun. mornings & 1-2 Wed evenings (Audio only) per mo., depending on capacity.
  • Crew 410 (building & grounds on-call team)
    • Men & women with homeowner to professional skills willing to serve on teams involved in our building, grounds, and local community projects. On-the-job training will be provided. Team members must be willing to laugh & have fun while serving alongside other brothers and sisters in Christ. Commitment: Projects are typically short in duration, typically ranging from 1-4 hours. All are welcome to participate for any length of time.
  • Nursery (Sun. discipleship of children 0-4)
    • People passionate about the care & discipleship of young children, willing to teach (or help someone teach) the children simple, prepared lessons. At least one Sun. morning every other month.
  • CrossWalk (Sun. discipleship of kids 4-12)
    • People with a love for discipling children and a desire to teach the kids (or be a helper to a teacher).
      At least one Sun. per mo., depending on capacity. Curriculum already set, no commitment to writing needed, just need to study the lesson for that week.
  • Youth (relationally available to disciple teens)
    • People with love for young people ages 13-18. Both men & women with a willingness and capacity to invest deeply and consistently into our young people and prepare them to be the next leaders of the church. Commitment: 2-4 Thur evenings per mo., plus the occasional extra-curricular activity.

Other ongoing areas to serve include: Food Pantry, Worship, Prayer Team, Hospitality, and more. Email us for more info. To specifically sign up to connect with someone about serving, CLICK HERE.

Ministries for loving God by loving people.

All people matter to God so we build bridges to transform lives.

Ministries at Crossroads are highly relational and designed for:

1) MULTIPLYING DISCIPLES (Jesus-followers) through whole-life change from unbelief to belief
2) ENGAGING PEOPLE outside of church, sharing the Good News of Jesus' love (Matt 4:19, 28:18-20, Acts 1:8).

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