After 5 plus years and several dozen students from various churches, the Leadership School is currently on break. We will let you know if/when we relaunch. 

In 2018, the “Pastoral Leadership School” started preparing men and women to do the work of disciple-making in our culture and context.

We are an extension of the ministry the Crossroads Church under the headship of the Metro District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance ( and in close connection with the Metro School of Leadership and Ministry .

"PLS" is an excellent place for lay leaders and church staff to develop their Christian leadership. We have been privileged to prepare men and women for leadership at home, in the neighborhood, workplace, Sunday School classroom and youth group, adult small groups, lay counseling, overseas ministry, and a variety of part- and full-time local ministry roles.  

“PLS” takes a holistic approach to preparing men and women for ministry. We aim to prepare the head, heart, and hands of these individuals to respond to the call of God on their lives. Jesus called his disciples saying, “Come and follow me [HEAD], and I will make you [HEART] fishers of men [HANDS].” (Matthew 4:19) He then calls his disciples to be “disciple-makers”- that continue to multiply followers of Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20)- and this is the very heart of what we do. 

  • We prepare HEADS by giving theological training. We’ve partnered with the Metro School of Leadership and Ministry (MSLM) in order to provide education through Ministerial Study Program credits (MSP). 
  • We prepare HEARTS by helping candidates through spiritual formation and soul care. We believe this is essential for lasting perseverance and leadership in vocational ministry.
  • We prepare HANDS by providing students the opportunity to communicate, lead, teach, coach, be coached in various areas of ministry. Students will have oversight and coaching as they develop their skills for more effective ministry. 

Historically, PLS has been designed as a 2-year program over 6 trimesters. It contains 16 required classes and several electives. Most classes are offered in the evening, but some are self-studies with a ministry coach and proctor. Training and teaching are provided by veteran church leaders and pastors related to the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

In 2021, we are excited to expand our reach for auditing students involved in the local church.

After applying, you will be contacted about next steps which will include designing an individualized education plan to help you achieve your particular God-given calling and goals.


FULL-TIME STUDENTS [Currently Closed]: 1-Time registration fee: $60 (includes $35 application to C&MA), plus $150 per class

AUDITING STUDENTS: 1-Time registration fee: now $0, plus $30 per class to audit


MSP 1-101: Calling and Character
MSP 1-102: Hermeneutics and Inductive Bible Study
MSP 1-103: New Testament Theology
MSP 2-104: Old Testament Theology
MSP 2-201: Foundations of Belief 1: Bible, God and Unseen World
MPS 2-302: Life of Christ
MSP 2-202: Foundations of Belief 2: Sin, Savior and the Spirit
MSP 3-303: Evangelism in a Changing Culture
MSP 3-301: History of Christianity
MSP 3-205: Romans
MSP 3-105: Disciplemaking: Growing a Healthy Church
MSP 3-305: Leadership & Authority

SPECIAL COURSES- Metro District, Church Planting and Discipleship

MSP 1-206: Preaching Learning Cohort & Lab
METRO 1-203: Alliance Values & Distinctives- 1 day course
METRO 3-204: Alliance Polity and Pastoral Ethics- 1 day course
METRO 2-304: World Missions

CP-101: Church Planting’ Basic Training
CP-102: Church Planting Core Team Training
D-101: New Official Workers Seminar


E-101: Changed2Lead (SDI) Training
E-102: Soul Care Conference
E-201: Basic Counseling
E-301: Mental Health Training

Erik Vagen

Erik has served as a pastor in the Christian & Missionary Alliance since 2003. He has a Bachelors degree in English and Education from The College of New Jersey and a Masters in Christian Ministry from Calvary Baptist Seminary in Lansdale, PA. Erik was previously on pastoral staff at Fellowship Alliance Chapel in Medford, NJ, the Young Adult Director for the Metro District of the C&MA, and the originator of the “Jeremiah Project” movement. He planted Journey Church in Cherry Hill, NJ in 2013, and oversaw leader development at Fervent Church from 2018-2019. In 2019, He became the Lead Pastor of Crossroads Church in Shamong, NJ. Erik is the Academic Director of the Pastoral Leadership School. He and his wife, Lauren, live in Medford, NJ and have two young children.

Current and former guest instructors include a variety a experienced, highly trained, veteran ministers from the Christian and Missionary Alliance.


We accept transfer credits from C&MA’s “Basic Training – Life of Christ with Center Leadership Academy C&MA” and “Empower Metro District year 1 & Proclaim year 3.” You must have completed certificate for year 1 Empower.

There will be a processing fee of $45 per class transferred.
The following classes will Transfer in.
• Please Include College Transcripts when Applying to MSP

Basic Training Life of Christ – NO FEE
205- Romans
302- The Life of Christ

Empower Year 1
102 – Inductive Bible Study
103- New Testament Survey
104- Old Testament Survey

Empower Year 3 Proclaim
206- Expository Preaching