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6 Monday nights devoted to some basic equiping in shepherding care & counseling in the local church.
Excellent for small group leaders and those with a calling to oversee/care for others in the local church setting.

**Auditing Option Only**


This course designed to consider the special issues associated with the theory, practice, and administration of pastoral/shepherding care. Students will receive basic equiping.  They will be exposed to and practice of various strategies for dealing with pastoral counseling and care issues.

By the time you complete this course you should be able to:The student will learn general counseling principles applicable for the local church based on the integration of theological and psychological foundations. The student will practice basic counseling skills for Christian counseling.The student will explore personal life issues that may influence counselor effectiveness.The student will examine models and methodology for counseling individuals, couples and families.

Resources Required for Class:
1- "Soul Care" by Rob Reimer...            *Please read "Introduction" and "Gateways" (34pp) as Pre-Class Assignment 
2- "Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands" by Paul Tripp (NOT THE STUDY GUIDE)
3- "You Can Change" by Tim Chester